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Fable Time Book 1: THETA

Fable Time is an abstract style table top role playing game that gives the players the freedom to create and role play anything they want to become.


  • 2-6 Players

  • Utilizes a standard d20 dice system.

  • Character Creation take as little as 15 minutes.

  • Rules are simple and easy to learn.

  • Playtime can range from as little as 45 minutes to several hours.

  • Players have the ability to interact with the environment when not their turn.

  • Enjoy over 200 pages of handcrafted artwork and stories by J.R. Holland III

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Welcome to the world of Theta in the Natural Realm!  The year is 2387 ANS (After Nyxus Shift), and this world is thriving.  With a vast network of modern technology spearheaded by the ingenuity of mostly Stuntlings. They have allied with the Droids of the Nyxus, which has left this world with a large amount of wealth and creature comforts.  Both shipping routes of military and merchants patrol the skies delivering a myriad of magically infused mechanisms to their respected Nations Capitals.


At the heart of it all lies the grand city of Nyx Station.  An entire Island turned into a sprawling metropolis of new tech and old, as the Eternity Gate located there provides easy travel between the Nyxus and Theta.  The royal engineers led by the infamous Nyx Doublelock and her family, have spent almost a millennium building the trading post and hub for the worlds technology.  The outlying Nations, each with their own unique influences, travel here to aide in the ever-growing drive for the newest, greatest, most bizarre and of course the most practical.


The new years Frostfall Festival held in the far outlying reaches of the Shalelands, made from a magically cleared area of the local mountain range that stretches for miles across a relatively flat surface, gathers the great House lords and denizens from all over the world to trade and test out innovative ideas and inventions.  Here also resides the Shaledome, a massive 10 story Colosseum, used to test the military might of each House or to settle disputes humanely.

  Politics and bureaucracy hold true in the world of Theta as do many of the usual troubles when dealing with opposing forces of great power and prestige.


However, our story begins on a simpler note.  Near the grand city of Wyrmstone, our heroes have all gathered together in the Pink Flamingo Adventurers Guild to discuss their very first mission...