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Our Journey Started Here...


Taking up the banner to perfect table top role playing games as we know and love them, I created a structure that is simple and easy to follow with 3 core concepts:


• Imagination - Bringing to life the creativity nestled within everyone.


• Role-play - Delving into our own creations and exploring new possibilities.


• Community - Uniting people from every walk of life for an enjoyable experience.

Creating Fable Time all started when my family and I were looking for something different to do with our time together. Watching movies, playing video games or even reading books felt a bit stale repeating the same old things day after day. One night I tried something else entirely, we picked up an old tabletop game. At first we learned the mechanics of the game and got together to play once a week.


However, we quickly realized that the myriad of rules and structure around any action that was taken lead to a feeling of being inside of a cage. Unable to play our characters how we wanted due to the contextual restrictions of the rule set provided, we began to make up our own version of the new family past time.

Bale's Feretory.webp

Now after several years of refining our creation, we would love nothing more than to share the amazing experiences and sense of unity that revolved around the Land of Theta. Taking a somewhat lighthearted approach to traditional storytelling and incorporating a unique balance of our favorite media and social mechanics, we bestow upon you the player, an immersive experience where anything is possible.


Go forth and brave a new world together with your family and friends or invite new people to enjoy a past time that my family and I have come to love so very much.


Your Fable Time is here...

John R. Holland III


We would love to hear your story...

Augusta, Georgia, U.S.A

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