What makes Fable Time different?

d10 (2Digits).webp

Fable Time gives complete freedom to the players, allowing them to make fluid and responsive decisions without a need for large roll tables of content or many complicated rules.  


Whatever decision the players or LoreKeeper/GM make, the opposition will have an equal opportunity to take action at the same time. By separating two critical elements in role playing games, approach and intent. With the D20 being used to calculate whether the players/GM's decisions passes or fails and the other dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, and d12) are used to govern how effective the decisions become when interacting with the environment.


Will there only be a book, or will there be additional game components like a box, dice, character sheets, player aids, GM screens etc.?

In the near future we plan on releasing some extra periphery to aid in enthusiasts. These are not required to play but will be optional soon.


 There is a Player's Handbook and the book THETA, do you need both to play the game?

The game is run by having someone designated as the Game Master/Lorekeeper.  This person will need the book THETA and everyone else will just need the Player's Handbook.

Can I post self created content on social platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, or Instagram?


Feel free to review, post and share the work you and your friends create while delving into the Land of Theta.  However, be advised that attempting to sell creative work using the Fable Time logo or using our content directly for commercial use or monetary gain will need to be contracted and approved by J.R. Holland III. For business inquiries please contact J.R. Holland III ( FableTimeRPG@gmail.com).